Motor Accident Claim

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Motor accidents claim are those claims that are sought by the victims of motor vehicle accidents. It is estimated that there are cases of 200,000 personal injury cases from motor accidents annually and of these 40,000 injuries are serious in nature. Moreover motor vehicle accidents are the major cause of accident deaths all over the world. Motor vehicle accidents have claimed thousands of lives all over the world.

As in any other personal injury case the victim who had suffered personal injuries in a motor accident is required to prove that the injuries and suffering are due to the irresponsibility or due to the negligence of the driver of the other vehicle. This is the primary requirement to be proved in case the victim decides to file motor accident claims. The victim should collect all the required evidence to prove the involvement of the other person who was responsible for the accident. He/she has to take a few pictures of the accident spot as this might throw a light on any evidence which the claimant might have possibly missed. Further the victim is required to report the accident within 24 hours of the incident. The victim is also required to collect the details of the vehicle such as the color, registration and other details of the vehicle that was responsible for the accident. The claimant is also supposed to collect the name, address and the insurance details of the driver who was the cause of the accident. If possible, the claimant should also collect the names and contact details of the eyewitnesses who were present when the accident happened. The victims of motor vehicle accidents can claim damages for the financial loss suffered by them due to loss of income and medical bills. Motor accident claims are usually filed against the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident.

Before filing motor accident claims the victims should seek medical advice from a doctor who specializes in personal injuries. A good personal injury attorney should also be contacted. The diagnosis by a general physician immediately after the accident helps in a great way to seek the motor accident claim. The victim should also keep a track of all the expenses spent for the treatment of the injury. Further he/she should collect bills for the money he/she had spent in repairing the vehicle as a result of the damages caused due to the accident. The medical bills and other bills would help him/her to secure the compensation when he she makes a motor accident claim. In case if the victim is not happy about the compensation offered by the insurance company he/she could seek help from the law. The motor accident claim lawyers have expert knowledge and could help the victims in seeking a fair compensation. Motor vehicle accidents be it minor or major, definitely produce drastic changes in the lifestyle of the victims. Motor accident claims sought by the victims give them partial relief from the pain and suffering which they have undergone as a result of the motor vehicle accident.

Motor accident claims are usually settled from the automobile accident insurance policies of the person who are responsible for the accidents. It is better to hire a hard-hitting personal injury attorney while claiming for motor accidents. Insurance companies will go to any lengths to avoid settling claims. A tough-talking, hard-hitting attorney would be a great help in making sure that the rightful claim amount is paid out to the claimant.

Check out the online legal resources available about motor accident claims before filing your claim. The best way to win is to have an expert on your side. Browse and find one online.

By Lindsay Nolan

Accident Lawyers Can Help You Get Compensation!

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Every person meets with an injury at some point or the other in their life. In case you happen to meet with an accident due to the fault of someone, you can make a claim. You must understand that making a claim is your right. You need not suffer for the fault of someone. When there is legal assistance available, you must make use of it.

Basically, personal injury includes injuries that arise from car accidents, exposure to hazardous products or items like asbestos, exposure to medication. Anything that can cause damage to the individual, medical malpractice, and act that includes wrongful death can cause an injury. If you or anyone known to you has met with an accident, you can make a claim.

There are a number of personal injury compensation claim attorneys who can provide you a helping hand. They can guide you on the steps to be followed to make a claim. You must report the occurrence of the incident and find out about the steps to be followed. You can also get free consultation from accident claim solicitor if you were to look online. You can even flip through your local phone directory or search online for personal injury attorneys. An accident claims solicitor can sort out things for you. You may not be aware of the steps that need to be followed to make a claim. Hence, you must seek help experienced solicitors.

You must remember that personal injury laws often vary from state to state. Hence, you must reach out for personal injury compensation advice. The personal injury claims company will represent you in your personal injury compensation claims case. If you can provide any documents in support of the claims case, you must do it. Also, if you can write down everything you remember about the incident, as accurately as possible, it will prove to be extremely useful.

Moreover, if you also have any records from police, you must obtain a copy of it. The expenses that you have incurred as a result of your injury can be reimbursed. All that you need to do is seek help from accident claims solicitors. No win no fee personal injury compensation claim company can help you get compensation easily.

With a no win no fee compensation claims case, you can be assured that;

• Your reasonable legal fees will be paid by the losing party's insurer
• Your disbursements such as expert witness fees, medical records fees etc will also be reimbursed. (most law firms will defer payment of any such fees and not request these expenses up front)
• You will receive your compensation / damages which will include out of pocket expenses and where appropriate future losses

It is an ideal way to make a claim.

by: Sadhna D, Expert Author, Platinum Status

Secured Loans - How to Get Quickly Accepted For a Secured Loan and Get a Better Rate

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When a lender receives a secured loan application form he only has two areas on which to base his decision - you and the property. If he can put a tick in both of these boxes then you will get your loan at a good rate.

However, it is possible to still get your loan if either you or the property are not A1.

This is one of the good things about secured loans, they allow you to obtain a loan when other sources of finance may not be available.

Secured loans - You

Unfortunately, most things in this day and age are broken down and put into boxes and that includes you when you apply for a secured loan.

Your boxes will be:

• Your employment/ self employment
• How many outstanding loans you have
• Your usable (free) monthly income
• Your credit rating
• How you have treated your current (and previous if less than 12/ 24 mths) mortgage company

Secured loans - how to improve "you" in the eyes of the secured loan lender

Most applications for secured loans are made through a broker as most lenders do not like to gather all the information needed to process a secured loan. There is also a lot of overhead in this process which they prefer the broker to pay for.

Secured loans - rule 1

Make sure you find yourself a good secured loan broker. The secured loan lenders are not going to like me saying this but all brokers are not equal in the eyes of the lender. The better ones earn more money per application and get more secured loans paid out, as a percentage, than others.

These both directly effect you as the more the lender pays the broker the less of a fee he will need to charge you and the other reason is that you are more likely to get you loan paid out (and at possibly a lower rate) by using a well established secured loan broker.

Secured loans - rule 2

Work with you broker - not against him. I know it is a pain to keep having to produce paperwork but the more you have, the less pain you will receive when your full loan application reaches the secured loan lender.

Secured loans - rule 3

Go through your available income with your broker and get him to explain how the lender, he is putting you with, is working out your available income calculation. You might find you get a better rate if you do a bit of debt consolidation.

If you are self employed but have regular contractual work that you can prove goes back a few years, then you may be able to argue for a better rate. Self employed applicants for secured loans are usually penalised with the rate as they are considered a high risk.

Secured loans - rule 4

Your credit rating is nowhere near as important for secured loans as it is for personal loans (unsecured). However, it is still important if you want a good rate. Lenders of Secured loans (like most lenders) don't like to see arrears on a credit report. A credit report will show the lender how you have paid your credit cards and loans over the last 12 months. It will also show any defaults or county court judgements.

Most secured loan lenders will ignore one months arrears on most loans as this can be argued that it is just a late payment. When you start to get to two months or more then you need a good (preferably provable) explanation or your rate will start to go north.

One thing secured loan lenders hate is current arrears when you apply to them for a secured loan. So, if you can, make sure your current commitments are up to date when you apply and this will keep your rate down.

Secured loans - rule 5

How you have paid your mortgage is sometimes more important than your credit report as the secured loans lenders see themselves as an extension of your mortgage and the best way they can see if you are going to pay them is to see how you have paid your current mortgage.

So, if you can, make sure your mortgage is up to date when you apply and if you have had any arrears then you will need a good explanation to keep your rate down.

To speed up you application you could get proof of your last 12 months payments from you mortgage lender and proof of the outstanding balance.

Secured loans - your property

Your property is the security that the secured loan lender has. If all goes wrong and you stop paying and communicating with the secured loan lender then eventually he will reposes your property (although he will not want to as it is creates another set of problems for them).

So, putting the above cautionary note aside, you are putting up your property as security for the loan. You are only doing this because it benefits you and you probably fall into one of the following categories:

• A lower rate than other unsecured loans offer
• A larger loan than is available through other financial sources
• You want a loan but your employment is questionable or you are self employed
• You have missed a few payments on some credit and the loan rates you are being offered from other sources are unpalatable
• Your credit is poor and you need to put up security to get a loan

It only makes sense that if you are putting your property up as security for your secured loan then you may as well maximize its value and get a lower rate.

The secured loan LTV (loan to value) is one of the major calculations that will effect the rate you are offered. It is simple to work out: you take your current outstanding mortgage, add to that the secured loan you are applying for and divide it by the current value of your property. The lower the percentage the better rate you should get.

So, if you want a lower rate then maximizing the properties value is one of the best ways to go about it. It might take a little bit of time but you could be paying for the secured loan for anything from 5 years to 25 years so the extra bit of effort could save you a lot of money in the long term.

Secured loans - property rule 1

You will almost certainly have a valuer come round to have a look at your property towards the end of your secured loan application.

Valuing property is not a science but an opinion and in this case the the persons whose opinion counts is the valuers that you have coming round. You don't know if he has spent most of the day sitting in a traffic jam, had an argument with his children or forgotten his anniversary and what is more you can't do a thing about it.

What you can do is be friendly and offer him a cup of coffee and make sure you have allocated time for him. Go round the property and point out any improvements you have made and are going to make.

Valuers like to be told that the property is going to be improved as it lessens their risk of getting sued by the secured loan lender in case they value the property wrongly.

Secured loans - property rule 2

Before the valuer gets to your property make sure it is looking its best. A small bit of effort will add thousands to your valuation if the property looks well kept rather than run down.

First impressions count so make sure the front and entrance hall is spotless, try and put any junk away to make the rooms look bigger and also try to finish those jobs that were half started and never quite completed.

Secured loans - property rule 3

As previously stated, the property value is an opinion so you need to make sure that the valuers opinion is the correct one. All valuers will contact local estate agents to see what is selling in the market near your property.

It would be to your benefit if you contacted the estate agents and got comparable properties that are on the market and recent sales. You can then decide which of your collection you wish to give the valuer (or you can send them on to your broker but this is not quite as good as giving them to the valuer).

Human nature being what it is, your comparables will probably end up in the valuers file and he will take these into account when valuing your property.

By Marc Bertola

Choosing the Right Lawyer to Handle Your Catastrophic Truck Accident Claim

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by Tara Pingle

I had find something interesting article about accident claim lawyer and I think it`s the best tips to who want to find a good lawyer. This article author is Tara Pingle. I hope this article can help you.

In the case of serious accidents involving large trucks (eighteen wheelers or semi trucks), the injuries and other damages sustained are frequently more extensive than those in passenger vehicle accidents. Because of the complex rules relating to the operation of large trucks on the highway, the legal claims arising from a trucking crash can also be significantly more complicated that usual.

This is why it is so important that you choose the right attorney to represent you in your truck accident claim. How do you know if the attorney you choose has the experience and the knowledge to handle your catastrophic truck accident case?

Does the lawyer handle only personal injury cases?

Every lawyer has his or her own areas of specialty. For accident cases, it is important to hire an attorney who handles only personal injury cases. Personal injury lawyers represent people who have suffered damages due to another party's negligence or failure.
Robert W. Kerpsack limits his practice to personal injury cases, representing only people who have suffered damages as a result of someone else's negligence.

Does the attorney have previous experience with truck accident cases?

Truck accident cases are usually more complex than traditional car crash cases. Commercial vehicles are regulated more stringently than passenger vehicles, and they are more likely to be owned, operated, and managed by different parties. This can make the process of identifying the party who bears the ultimate liability for a trucking accident especially difficult.
That's why it's important that you find an attorney who has extensive experience in handling catastrophic truck accident claims.

Is the attorney skilled and well-regarded in the legal community?

Choosing the right lawyer to handle your truck accident case can be difficult. It is essential, however, to choose an attorney with the right credentials and legal experience to win your case.
Fortunately, there are several ways to research a personal injury lawyer's experience and credentials, including:

- Martindale-Hubbell National Law Directory. Martindale-Hubbell is an independent evaluator, which rates attorneys’ professional skill and integrity.

- Board Certification. The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Supreme Court of Ohio to certify lawyers in the specialty area of civil trial advocacy. NBTA board-certified attorneys are required to meet rigorous standards that include significant trial experience, judicial and attorney peer review, written examination, and continuing legal education.

- Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Less than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members.

- Super Lawyers. Super Lawyers is a listing of the top 5% of attorneys in each state, as chosen by their peers and through independent research of Law & Politics magazine.

- Experience. Most attorneys will provide prospective clients with an overview of their relevant experience. Look to hire a lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours in the past, and who has other relevant experience.